Month: April 2014

Project 3C: Final Interactive Processing Sketch

For my final project, we had to make an interactive sketch that incorporated at least two of the basic concepts that we’ve covered in class and that reflected the aggregation of our knowledge in Processing! In the last portion of this semester, we learned about text, image and video so I only saw it fitting to include all of these functions in my last assignment! Not only did I want to use these elements, but I also wanted to incorporate my love of Disney into this final project. Thus, leading to my creation of… (drumroll please)

The Magical Tangled Movie Player!


 Essentially, I wanted to make a fun, interactive video player that allows the user to experience the movie in a variety of ways, giving them the freedom to customize how they want to watch it! As you can see from the sketch and comments, I’ve added some fun elements for the user to toy with and manipulate.

For example, you can change the tint of the movie to a fun color…


Or you can delight in pausing the movie…


 …And you can even toggle the menu instructions so that you can enjoy the movie without distraction!

MenuAlthough the concept seems pretty simple, the code was actually pretty tricky! To make a picture/text appear when you press a button and then make that picture/text disappear when you press that button again seems like a very simple and uncomplicated matter, but the logic with which to code the program actually proved itself to be a challenge! It involved several hours of experimentation with the code to successfully get the pause function and the menu toggling to work.. but HUZZAH! I did manage! I definitely won’t underestimate what it takes to make even the simplest Processing functions to work anymore!
So, lo and behold the magical sketch:

Sketch1 Sketch2